Georgiana Gilbert

Georgiana Gilbert

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Prepare to Succeed

I’m sure you all have heard the saying “failing to prepare is like preparing to fail”. Let’s talk about meal prep! Your nutrition plan is easily 80% of a successful fitness routine.  You can workout using all the forces of your will, cutting edge science, and with the consistency of a toaster oven (you ever notice how toasters never break?), but if you eat crap you will never hit your fitness goals. 

By preparing your meals ahead of time you set yourself up for success. Oftentimes we eat out of necessity and convenience. Eliminate these variables by preparing your meals every Sunday for the week ahead. This will not only keep you on track with your nutrition plan, but it will also save you time and money. An hour or two of preparation can save you dozens of hours on the backend. We like to prepare one lunch and one dinner for Monday – Friday every week on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday meals we do whatever’s clever! If breakfast is a challenge for you then we recommend preparing that ahead of time as well. You can also break the week up – prepare meals for Monday-Wednesday, then Thursday – Sunday. 

Find what works for you. Buy enough Tupperware or glass storage containers (BPA-free for reheating purposes) and fill them each with 6-80z meat of your choice, 1-1.5cup carb (eg rice,beans, sweet potato, quinoa), as much veggies as you like, and a little fat (eg nuts or seeds, olive oil, avocado oil, etc).

Succeeding in preparation is like preparing to succeed!

Prepare to SUCCEED