Coaching In a World Full of “Coaches”

Georgiana Gilbert

Georgiana Gilbert

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In this day and age it seems just about anyone can be your “coach”… for just about anything. This makes me think we should as a society really take a look at what it MEANS to be coach. 

But speaking of the fitness industry, which is constantly changing and coming out with new science or new ways to do things.It’s imperative to, even as a coach, be willing to be coached. Or in other words always have a learning attitude. 

As a professional myself in the pertaining field , I’ve found you must always be ready to have an open mind and not create your own dogmas. This not only limits the growth of us as individuals but also of our individual businesses and therefore the results for our clients. The fitness world runs RAMPANT with myths that have become somewhat dogmas themselves, but it turns out they can be just plain out false sometimes. 

This is ever apparent in the world of social media and specifically the role social media has taken in the current fitness scene. I am a coach, but I also want to be coached.  I want to work in a place where the tools in my training tool box are sharpened by those around me. How much more convenient could that be for sake of my business? That’s why at BpFit it is our mission to aid in the expansion of our trainers knowledge and businesses simultaneously.

In the new year, a time that exemplifies growth, how can we help each other grow as professionals?