Hey there, My name is Aerial Fesola’i, I am a Weight Loss Coach with a strong background in Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Cardiovascular Training and Postnatal Core Rehab (Core Strengthening and Reactivation).  I specialize in helping MOMS break the yo-yo diet cycle and lose the Postpartum weight FOR GOOD, gain strength and build self-confidence back up from inside and out, without feeling miserable in the process.

 A little bit about me… I am a mom of three beautiful boys, no luck with a girl lol but that’s okay. I’m that Trainer who prefer going barefoot or wearing slippers in the middle of the gym squatting a barbell or training clients (I know, that’s me…!).Anyway, I know what you’re thinking. What does this skinny bitch know about losing weight? She doesn’t know the trouble I’ve seen. She doesn’t know my sorrow!

First of all, rude, but great use of lyrics. Seriously, I get it. You’re not the first person to think that. Admittedly, I have had my own struggles. Like the early motherhood era, 10 years ago When my sweetest first born gave me the title “MOM”, in which I outgrew my “fat pants” – thanks to late-night fast food runs and soda diet (which I called “THE CRAZY CRAVES”)!

Over the postpartum years, I struggle with binge eating episodes, and experience the ups and downs with my weight. Luckily, my three boys were my biggest motivation, instead of using them as an excuse to not work on my weight because they’re time consuming, eating my emotions and let go of myself. I actually did something! I decided to learn about weight loss/Fitness, I invested in educating myself on how to lose the weight long term and become the best version of myself physically and mentally. Ever since then, I’ve been in the Fitness Industry as a fitness educator with over a decade of experience in helping other moms lose unwanted weight, build strength, improve mobility and create healthy eating habits without having a bad relationship with food.

Thankfully, my fitness journey as a mom created this healthy lifestyle for me and my babies. Ever since then, I never once EVER looked back…And that’s why I’m here! I am here to instill the same techniques I personally used in my journey, for you to make yours more enjoyable and less stressful! Trust me, I’m the tiniest German/Samoan (Polynesian) you will ever meet, with a heart big enough to go the extra mile for you!!

NOW, enough about me, Tell me about YOU and WHY you’re here?!





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