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Meet Our Team


Alyissa Stacey

Instagram: @Liftwitlyss

Personal experience

My journey started with my own transformative fitness experience, through trials and tribulations in my hardest points of life. I grew up in an environment where health and wellness were lacking due to the circumstances of my family’s constant financial struggle. I rapidly gained a lot of unhealthy weight and habits throughout my young adult life, which ultimately almost cost me my life many times. Through those life-altering struggles, I used fitness as a catalyst to change my health. 8 years ago, I made the first step and never looked back. Within my very first year, I joined a group fitness gym I had lost 85 lbs, and from then on, I knew what my dream job was going to be. Ever since I’ve dedicated my entire life to my education and creating a safe environment for those at every fitness stage. In return, I have strived to create a brand that empowers and supports the body, mind & soul because they all make up what overall wellness truly means, not what we define ourselves with on the outside. Through my 8 years of training experience, I have been a multi-certified trainer catering to all walks of life and different areas of expertise, including, functional mobility and stability, post injury & rehab, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, barbell rehab, and my favorite of all lifestyle & sports performance nutrition.

Certifications & Education




BS- Sports Exercise & Science

6+ years studying nutrition


-Women’s Health

Weight Loss

Functional Fitness

Barbell Rehab

Nutrition Specialist

Power & Agility

Cross Training

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