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Carlos Pena

Specialization: Physique Transformations, Strength Optimization, Metabolism Development

Years of Experience: 8

Availability: Mon – Fri, 5am – 2pm, 5pm-8pm

Personal experience

Hey there, my name is Carlos Pena! I strive to create authentic, meaningful relationships with my clients and view myself as more of a teacher than a trainer. My ultimate goal for you training with me is to not need me. I want you to walk away with the confidence that you can train yourself without the overwhelming struggle required to understand the complex underpinning mechanisms required to make practical decisions.

Regardless of what your perfect balance of fitness factors are, I believe the only non negotiables’ are effort and persistence. I have a deep curiosity and desire to learn as much as possible related to self improvement, life, the human body, philosophy and psychology which bleeds into the way I coach. I have been a trainer since 2016 and have helped every type of client surpass their goals, from pain ridden seniors who have never exercised to elite athletes. I’ve helped hundreds of people turn the clock backwards, get out of pain and achieve levels of strength they never knew they could achieve, all while sculpting a body they could be proud of and living a sustainable lifestyle. Pain played a huge role in my intrinsic desire to help others. Pain had been a constant variable on my mind ever since elementary school. I have deformities of the spine which contributed to me suffering from chronic lower back pain. Being an overtrained lifelong athlete led to overwhelming chronic shoulder, knee, ankle and sciatica pain. This never ending increasing pain led me to aspire to understand as much as I could about the human body from an early age. I became obsessed with diverse methodologies towards fitness and pain management during my time at CSUSM.

Throughout my entire life I have been searching to understand what it is I needed to feel the way I believed I should or could feel. I have been exposed to various environments and have gone down a plethora of modality rabbit holes. I believe in an antifragile mindset and am currently viewing movement under an expansion and compression lens. One of my missions in life is to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance related to the pursuit of strength and hypertrophy while balancing an enjoyable lifestyle. I am here to save you years worth of struggle and time by creating a purposeful results driven program designed 100% for you!

Certifications and

BS in Kinesiology, Exercise Science and Health Science (CSU San Marcos)

NASM-CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)

FRC-Ms (Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist)

Balanced Habits – LIFE Lifestyle Food Coach

U.S. Olympic Committee Bronze Level Certified

NASM-SFS (Senior Fitness Specialist)

Living.Fit- Certified Kettlebell Expert

Compound Performance Mentorship

Pinnacle Performance Biomechanics Mentorship

Nakao Performance and Physical Therapy Mentorship

Postural Restoration Mentorship



Postural Resotration


Fat Loss

Rehab Mobility

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