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Devin Sharp

Instagram: forged_strengthandperformance

Personal experience

Hi, my name is Devin Sharp. I have been a personal trainer since 2015. My system of training focuses on building and improving strength and performance in athletes and competitive power lifters. My story begins in Pennsylvania, where i played football and ran track and field. Athletics wasn’t just a pastime for me; it was a part of my identity.

But life has its twists and turns. I faced my own battles with depression and thoughts of suicide, challenging times that reshaped my perspective on life and strength. It was during these moments that I discovered the profound bond between physical strength and mental resilience. Lifting weights did more than build my muscles; it fortified my mind and deepened my faith.

Now, my mission is crystal clear: to empower others through strength training. I’ve witnessed firsthand how this journey can transform lives, instilling confidence and a sense of control. It’s not just about lifting weights; it’s about lifting each other up, building a community where everyone feels strong, confident, and in control.
If you want to get strong AF then message me about getting your first session for free!

Certifications and

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certified Nutrition Coach

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Women’s Fitness Specialist

Fitness Nutrition Specialist


Nutrition Coaching for Athletes & Power Lifters

Sports & Strength Performance for Athletes & Power Lifters

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