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Zeke Swain


Personal experience

Hi everyone my name is Zeke. Coming from a place growing up no one to turn too, really opened my eyes up and caused me to see life in a different lens. Fitness was really the go to for me, it helped me stay out of trouble and inspire others to take a leap and get out of their comfort zone.

Choosing this route has so many good benefits and not a day in my life I regret doing so.
That young Indiana kid that had to take care of his younger brother and sister when my parents weren’t in the picture. Standing up for the both of them and really taking fitness and nutrition in a whole different scope. Yes indeed I stood up for them and hit the weights at 15. Being able to do so made me so much stronger. So passioned in doing so, I took an approach and gained so much knowledge and confidence in myself. At age 18; I decided to enlist in the Marines. The military instilled discipline in me which leaped me into growth as a young individual. Thereafter, I did my time serving on Camp Pendleton (3 years) and it allowed me to pursue my ultimate dream of helping others achieve their fitness goals.

After the military, I enrolled in NPTI. This hands on personal training school allowed me to gain the skills and knowledge to help anyone and everyone feel like a totally different person both inside and out. Ultimately, my goal is to help give back to others and make an impact on each and every client that comes my way. So come on down to Bigger Picture Fitness and let’s get you in the best shape of your life. What are you waiting for the time is now. 

Certifications and


Yoga training 500 Hrs




Weight loss

Corrective Exercise


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