I have always loved adventure and sports for as long as I can remember. My journey into fitness first began when I was introduced to volleyball by a next-door neighbor, and I absolutely fell in love with the game as soon as I stepped on the court. I proceeded to play competitively both beach and indoor for 8 years. Volleyball taught me many valuable lessons. It opened my eyes to what a powerful role mindset plays when it comes to meeting goals. I also learned the importance of giving your body the care and attention it needs.

I witnessed and experienced a lot of injuries and setbacks throughout my athletic career simply due to lack of knowledge and care. This is what started my passion for the corrective exercise and injury prevention discipline of kinesiology, specifically in the sports and performance realm. I love to teach people how they can prevent such setbacks in their own lives and fuel their body correctly.

Health is not always just what you see on the outside; I believe health has many different components. It is made up of what’s going on inside of you, whether that be emotional, nutritional, or physical.

I have been working in a fitness setting for 5 years, 3 of those as a formally certified trainer. I look forward to working with dedicated individuals who are ready to get strong and healthy, and to continue to work with them using a multifaceted approach as I expand my own services, knowledge and business as a health professional! 


  • NASM
  • CPT                                                              
  • Corrective Exercise/ Injury
  • NASM
  • CES                                                              
  • Prevention/ Injury Rehab
  • Performance
  • Stretch Therapist                                
  • Weightlifting / Strength Training
  • CPR/ AED/ First Aid
  • Mobility and Flexibility Training
  • Sports Specific Performance