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Gina Warren

Hi my name is Gina! I am a 53 year old CPT, Nutrition Coach, NPC Masters Bikini Athlete, and most importantly, the mother of 3!

Instagram: @ginamariefitness_

Personal experience

My goal as a fitness professional is to help my clients be the “Best Version of Themselves.” Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle not a diet. It is my job to help you achieve all your fitness goals and live the life that makes you happy. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build lean muscle, learn a new healthy way of eating without being deprived, or simply to get moving, I am here for you!
As a mother of 3 I understand how important and challenging it is to make time for yourself. It is the best thing I have done for myself. It has made me a great role model for my children and has kept me energized and healthy not only physically but mentally too!

I was a gymnast growing up and always very self conscious of my weight and body image. I then became a dancer in New York on Broadway which led me down the destructive path of eating disorders. I struggled for years and learned that the way to end my self destruction was to get fit and healthy the right way through healthy nutrition and exercise! I then turned my life around and have loved being able to INSPIRE others!

Certifications and


NASM- Nutrition Coach

NASM-Weight Loss Specialist

B.S. Education

Certified Group Instructor


Weight Loss

Senior Fitness


Weight lifting

Group Training

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