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Tina Baljian

Specialization: Fat loss, Emotional & Physical transformation, Strength training, Athletic training, Body recomp.

Years of Experience: 5

Availability: Mon- Saturday Mornings/ Evenings.

Personal experience

Tina is a passionate certified personal trainer with a strong background in weight loss transformations, nutrition, and strength training. Tina specializes in helping woman gain their confidence back both mentally and physically all while teaching them to learn healthy lifestyle habits. Tina’s training style includes an overall transformation for your mind, body and soul by building healthy lifestyle habits that will help change your mindset, boost your metabolism, confidence and energy. Tina takes her training serious, but also likes to have a little fun at work.

Tina has worked exclusively with hundreds of clients, from beginner lifters, to moms, to CEOs, to professional sports athletes–and everyone in between. Tina has personally lost over 130 pounds at the start of her own fitness journey. Tina sought out specific weight loss programs and tried every diet but couldn’t find anything that resonated or anyone who understood what she was going through. That’s when she decided to get her personal trainer certificate to help woman lose their unwanted weight through the ups and downs, hormones, emotions, and physical limitations that their body goes through and for woman to never feel like the way she did when she was obese. While it was challenging struggling for years of being self-conscious of her weight, having destructive eating disorders, being diagnosed with chronic illnesses she found tools, resources, and motivations that kept her on her 12+-year path to becoming healthier, confident and happier in her own skin. As a personal trainer, she knows what it’s like to struggle with being overweight and stick with new workout routines while managing a busy life. Her experience inspired her to apply what she learned and help others lose their unwanted weight once and for all! Tina loves working with clients to find the best fitness and health options for their unique needs and help them reach their goals.

Tina’s mission as a personal fitness professional is using her knowledge and experience to empower women to become the most confident and strongest versions of themselves. Her mission is to help others who find themselves in a similar situation she was in learn the tools they need to get the most effective and sustainable results. Her goal is to eventually get every client to the point they no longer need her because they have everything, they need to know to continue to be successful to live a healthy lifestyle. Tina’s favorite part to see as a trainer is that smile on her clients face when they see their transformation results or accomplish something they didn’t think they could do, be it losing those 20 stubborn pounds, lifting a heavier weight or hitting their health goals. It fills her heart!

Certifications and


CPR/AED/ First Aid


Bodybuiling/ Meal Plans

Strength Training

Sport specific training: Soccer/ Boxing

Weight Loss Transformations

Body Recomp

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