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Victoria Richards

Specialization: Specialize in strength, Injury prevention/Corrective exercise, and Nutrition

Years of Experience: 6 – since June 2016

Availability: Sunday- Thursday 7am-3pm

Personal experience

Hi, my name is Victoria. I have been a certified trainer for six years. I am originally from Northern Virginia. My passion for fitness started from being an athlete. My dad, who was my first coach, taught me the basics of strength and fitness as well as the importance of a consistent routine. I realized fitness can have such a strong impact on how you feel about the way you look and your emotional and mental well-being. I became a trainer to share how important a fitness routine can improve all aspects of your life. My passion is to show clients that integrating fitness in your daily habits can be, for example, as simple as brushing your teeth every day.

I graduated from National Personal Training Institute in 2016 with my certificate in Personal Training. I also became specialized in working with injured clients, basic nutrition, and strength coaching. I started as a boxing instructor at TITLE Boxing Club in Virginia before moving to California in 2017. Since moving here I have worked with clients of all ages with various goals.

Certifications and

National Personal

Strength training

Training Institute- CPT

Nutrition Specialist

Strength Specialist



Corrective Exercise


Boxing Technique

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